South Tyneside Camping Challenge

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South Tyneside Camping Challenge

26 June 2014

Challenge Camp Report

The Winners 1st Bill Quay (both Winners and the supported campers)


1st Bill Quay

1st Bill Quay

The results were as follows:


1st     1st Bill Quay 120 points


2nd = 9th Jarrow B (Freya)

= 30th Cleadon Hawks  both with 115 points


They were awarded the Gold Standard.


Silver Standard went to:


30th Falcons  112 points

15th 108 points

7th 105 points

30th Eagles 105 points


and finally Bronze standard to 9th Jarrow A and the supported scouts


Shelagh and martin did sterling work all weekend and gave feedback to all of the teams as they went round them


This year saw groups able to send teams who had basic camping skills but needed additional support such as cooking meals.