South Tyneside Camping Challenge 2016

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South Tyneside Camping Challenge 2016

14 April 2016

South Tyneside Camping Challenge Camp 2016

Friday 24 –Sunday 26 June


  1. Objectives
  • The whole emphasis of the event is to give the teams an opportunity to camp as a patrol, to plan their own programme for the times stated, to plan, prepare and cook their own food, and to demonstrate good hygiene and camping practices.
  • The weekend should challenge the young people involved and provide excellent opportunities for camp and badge based activity as well as encouraging non-competitive and social skills with other Scouts from the District.


  1. Patrols
  • Groups may enter any number of patrols.
  • Each patrol should have no more than 6 Scouts (all aged under 14 on last day of the event unless there are mitigating circumstances due to special needs ).
  • It is recognised that some patrols may need some support throughout the weekend and this will be reflected in the award level that they achieve. Patrols should aim to be self contained and self sufficient to the level of their combined abilities.
  • Patrols should wear full formal Scout Uniform tops to the event and at the close, though not shoes or trousers as we recognise that for most Scouts this means their best school shoes and Trousers! Activity wear may be worn at all other times.
  • Each Patrol Member must bring a completed activity/medical consent form to the weekend which will be handed in on the Friday evening.


  1. Equipment
  • Apart from those who are being supported, Patrols should aim to be completely self-contained for the weekend, they should be responsible for pitching and striking their site.
  • Patrols must only bring equipment that they are confident and competent to use.
  • Patrols should have separate accommodation for sleeping and eating. There is no restriction on the numbers or types of tents that can be used.
  • Patrols are encouraged to cook using their own preferred method. Those requiring wood fire provision must inform the District prior to the event to ensure we can allocate relevant sites.


  1. Cost
  • The entry fee is £3.00 per head to District-covers Friday supper plus badges , loo rolls and toilet cleaning materials etc.
  • After that it is up to each patrol to set their budget to cover their menu, fuel and transport costs and their activities.
  • Patrols need to buy food for all meals on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday plus snacks.


  1. Menu
  • Menu and food are to be provided by the patrol except for Friday night’s supper
  • Patrols are expected to prepare a balanced menu for a weekend in camp, which should reflect the needs, tastes and culinary skills of the patrol.
  • A copy of the menu is to be submitted to the judging team during the Friday evening briefing.
  • Patrols are expected to sit down together to eat a meal at the programmed times. Meals are not optional!
  • Saturday evening meal must consist of 3 courses at least one course to be hot.
  • Breakfasts should have something hot and have two elements at least.


  1. Programme
  • A copy of the programme must be given to Gill on the Friday evening. The programme will cover all activities up until Sunday at 9.30am At this point all participating patrols will complete the ‘Gill’s Challenge’ which is set by District.
  • Patrols requiring access to fires need to let Gill know in advance.
  • The programme does not have to be elaborate, programmes which show thought, links to scouting skills/badges and are well planned will score better marks.
  • You can go off site but a risk assessment must be handed in with the programme if this is your intention. Also a mobile phone must be available for you to use.
  • If teams intend going offsite then the activity must be relevant to Scouting in terms of the official scout programme. Patrols who submit a programme that is vague or include things such as going to the Dunes to play bowls , wandering on the beach etc will lose marks and will have to rethink their activities. If in doubt contact us before hand and we will advise. There is plenty in our area that they can do which is very relevant to scouting skills!


7 Supported Patrols

  • As in the past we are happy for a patrol to be supported by District in the sense that they will still camp, and provide a programme tailored to their needs. However this year we would like to see these patrols cook one of their meals whilst at camp, albeit this may be supervised by a leader. The rest of their meals will be provided by District as in the past. We suggest this meal be either Saturday lunch or evening meal.


8 Other Information

  • The only ‘rule’ that must be observed is lights out and silence between 11pm and 7am each night. Points will be lost for any patrol that fails to keep this rule.
  • The toilet block is shared by all and must be kept tidy-do not leave a mess, there are bins for rubbish. Leave the toilets as you would wish to find them. Inform a leader if there is a problem.
  • The conduct of Scouts is expected to be that described in the Scout Law. They will be trusted to do so in all aspects of the competition.
  • The judging team’s decision will be considered final