2018 District Archery Competition

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2018 District Archery Competition

7 June 2018

South Tyneside District Scouts
Archery competition 2018

Sunday 1st July
Information and Rules

The district archery competition will take place on Sunday 1st July at West Hall campsite.
This year it is open to Cub and Scout sections.
The Cub competition will start at 10am and is expected to be finished at 12pm.

The Scout competition will start at 1pm and is expected to finish at 3pm.

(Times may need to change depending on the number of entries received).

Each pack or troop can enter up to 5 competitors from their section.

The entrants must be a member of their respective section (and be in the official age range of the section) on the day of the competition.
We’re having an open archery day for groups to book a time slot so you can get some individual coaching before the event, or hold a group competition to choose your entrants. This will also be at West Hall on Saturday 16th June. Contact David at scouts@davidcharlton.org.uk to sort out a time slot – first-come, first-served. Plan on about an hour per 10 people. The competition will be barebow archery (i.e. without sights, stabiliser bars or other aids). Participants must use the West Hall equipment, which has a range of different bow sizes and strengths (further details available on request). The shooting line will be 10m from the targets for Cubs and 12m for Scouts (distances will be confirmed on the day). Target
faces are standard 80cm FITA.

Entries cost £1 per person. Please make cheques payable to South Tyneside District Scouts. Cheques or cash can be brought to the event or sent to David.

Entrants will be given a safety brief then each be allowed some time for some warm-up & practice shots. The competition will then run with each entrant shooting 5 arrows per round for a total of 3 rounds, with the scores from each arrow being totalled to produce a final result. Standard archery scoring will be used (e.g. if an arrow touches a line it counts for the higher point value, and the X-ring will be used as a tie breaker in the event of a tied score). The overall highest score of all Cubs in the district will win the Cub competition; the overall highest score of all Scouts in the district will win the Scout competition. In the event of a tie the organisers will set a tie-break challenge.

Entries can be submitted by e-mail to scouts@davidcharlton.org.uk (preferred method), or in person to ADC (Activities & Events) David Charlton. A list of entrant names is required.

The closing date for entries is Friday 22nd June. Entries submitted after this date may be accepted at the discretion of the organisers. Entries will still be chargeable if the person does not attend on the day. Names can be swapped after the entry date but not withdrawn.
Photos and/or video may be taken at the event by a photographer nominated by the district (for AGM slides etc). Entrants are consenting to this by entering the event.

A spectator area will be allocated in a safe area for anyone wanting to watch (but note that this will be quite far from the shooting line and it will be difficult to see the competition). For safety no spectator will be allowed to speak to or otherwise distract participants once they are inside the archery range. The organisers reserve the right to amend these rules following receipt of entry numbers. In this event, the rules will be re-issued prior to the event.