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Who We Are

South Tyneside Scouts is a Scout district in North East England, covering Jarrow, South Shields and Bill Quay. We’re part of Durham Scout County and the UK Scout Association. We’re a charity who aim to provide young people with #skillsforlife.

Through our Scout groups, we provide opportunities for young people (age 6-25) and adults (age 18+) to do more, learn more and be more. We teach teamwork, leadership and resilience, helping to develop and improve key life skills. Our members meet in local groups on one of five different sections, split by age range.

Take a look at our Get Involved section to find out what we can do for you and how to join us.

District History

In 1997 the old districts of Jarrow and South Shields were merged to form South Tyneside district. It was decided to have a competition to design a new badge for the new district. Every member of the new district was invited to submit entries for the badge. The eventual choice of design was not one produced by a single entry, but a montage of several ideas.

The basic theme is of two jigsaw pieces representing Jarrow with its Viking history (with a background of the flag of Denmark) on the left, and the maritime history of South Shields depicted by the sea and lighthouse (taking Souter and Whitburn as its inspiration) on the right.

The overall theme of unity within the borough of South Tyneside is established.

The original Jarrow district badge was based upon the Norse Longships, which came and sheltered in winter times on the river Tyne. These people were invaders and were responsible for the destruction of the Jarrow Monastery which was home for a time to the Venerable Bede. This invasion destroyed a period of Saxon enlightenment and plunged Northumbria in the “Dark Ages”.

The original South Shields badge was a direct copy of the seal and coat of arms, which was designed by a local artist and adopted by the borough in 1851. It contains a lifeboat manned by South Shields Pilots representing humanity (supported on the left by a South Shields Sailor representing courage) and on the right a female figure representing commerce. The motto “Always Ready” was chosen as being representative of the birthplace of the lifeboat.